Privacy Statement:

Appzeria treats the personal and privacy data of visitors with utmost care, and ensures complete protection of such information. Any information on areas like sexual orientation, medical data, or religious and/or political affiliations, will never be requested or collected from visitors by Appzeria.

If a visitor provides us any personally-identifiable information, and “opts-ins” voluntarily allowing us to make use of the information for purposes of sales, prospecting, or/and marketing, we will ensure that the information is kept in strict confidence, and is treated with the same respect and confidentiality, as we will treat our company's trade secrets and its proprietary information. We never barter, exchange, rent or sell any personally-identifiable details to or with third parties for the purpose of marketing or monetary gains.

Security Precautions:

Appzeria takes all necessary actions for maintaining the safety and security of the collected data and its network. Appzeria treats any data stored in its server as proprietary and highly confidential, and does not permit access to the data by the public. We have a stringent internal security policy regarding customer data's confidentiality. We allow only those personnel to access customer information, for whom it is a necessity to know such data, to deliver services efficiently.

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